Pattaya’s markets are a vibrant part of its charm, offering everything from knock-off fashion to fresh seafood and local street food. Here’s a curated list of the ten best markets in Pattaya, including their locations, opening times, specialties, and how to get there from Central Pattaya.

#1. Pattaya Night Bazaar


Location: 519/106, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri, 20150¹[2]

Opening Times: Daily, 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Specialties: Hand-made fabrics, unique accessories, hats, beachwear, and souvenirs, Branded clothes

Getting There: Located opposite Central Festival Pattaya Beach, it’s easily accessible by a short walk or a quick tuk-tuk ride from Central Pattaya.

#2 Lan Pho Na Kluea Market

Location: Naklua

Opening Time: Daily, early morning until evening

Specialties: Fresh seafood, ready-to-eat meals, and local snacks

Getting There: Take a baht bus (songthaew) north from Central Pattaya towards Naklua.

#3 Jomtien Night Market

Location: Jomtien Beach Road

Opening Times: Daily, 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Specialties: Clothing, souvenirs, and an extensive array of street food

Getting There: Hop on a baht bus heading south on Beach Road to Jomtien

Location: Thepprasit Road

Opening Times: Friday to Sunday, 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Specialties: Fashion items, electronics, street vendors and local dishes

Getting There: Take a baht bus or motorbike taxi along Thepprasit Road from Central Pattaya.

#5 Marina Market at Central Marina


Location: Central Marina, Pattaya Sai 2 Road

Opening Times: Daily, 4:00 PM – Midnight

Specialties: Fashion, souvenirs, handicrafts, and street food

Getting There: A short walk from Central Pattaya, located at the outdoor area of Central Marina.

Location: Beach Road, Central Pattaya

Opening Times: Daily, mall hours extend into the evening for the market

Specialties: Replica branded clothing, Fruits, and a variety of shopping options

Getting There: Located on Beach Road, it’s within walking distance from anywhere in Central Pattaya.


#7 Chakngeaw Market

Location: East Pattaya

Opening Times: Wednesday and Saturday, early morning until afternoon

Specialties: Thai-Chinese goods, fresh produce, and clothing

Getting There: Take a baht bus or motorbike taxi east from Central Pattaya.

#8 Art Street Pattaya

Location: Pattaya Sai Song Road

Opening Times: Daily, 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Specialties: Art pieces, fresh fruit salads, and coffee

Getting There: Located on Pattaya Second Road, it’s a short baht bus ride from Central Pattaya.

#9 Sohotown

Location: South Pattaya

Opening Times: Daily, evening until late

Specialties: Chinese décor items, clothing, and electronics

Getting There: Take a baht bus along South Pattaya Road.


#10 Pattaya Tai Market

Location: South Pattaya Road

Opening Times: Daily, 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Specialties: Local snacks, clothing, and accessories

Getting There: Located on South Pattaya Road, accessible by baht bus from Central Pattaya.


Each market in Pattaya offers a unique glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for the perfect souvenir, the freshest seafood, or just a taste of the local street food scene, these markets are sure to provide an authentic and memorable experience. Remember to bring cash, as many vendors do not accept credit cards, and always be prepared to bargain for the best deals. Enjoy your market adventures in Pattaya